Staying the Course

You play a central role in helping patients understand the importance of staying on track with their treatment regimen.

Sticking with Treatment as Directed
Reinforcing to patients with HoFH that their bodies do not properly remove cholesterol on their own and helping them recognize that excessive levels of LDL cholesterol can lead to atherosclerosis may help them understand the importance of sticking to their treatment plan – from taking Juxtapid as directed by their physician, to taking the required dietary supplements (vitamin E and essential fatty acids), to sticking with the recommended low-fat diet.

Patients who are enrolled in the COMPASS program have access to educational materials that can help reinforce your care and recommendations. Plus the COMPASS Reminder System can help them remember to take their Juxtapid capsules. Go to the COMPASS page for more information on free support services available to patients receiving Juxtapid.

It’s never easy to make significant life changes, even when your health may depend on it. Nurses can help patients by directing them toward the many resources available to help. COMPASS Care Managers can help point patients in the right direction, depending on their individual needs.

Sticking with a Diet of <20% Energy from Fat
Nurses also play a key role in helping patients understand that sticking to a diet that provides less than 20% of energy from fat (the JuxRight Nutritional Plan) can help lower the chance of having gastrointestinal adverse events associated with Juxtapid and may be easier than they realize. Connect your patients with COMPASS and help them access resources that can help them.

Check out the Recipe Finder and see for yourself.

Plus COMPASS provides a kit that includes a Dining Out Guide, Snacking Guide, Recipes and Cooking Tips. You can help your patients see that adopting and staying on a low-fat diet can be a positive experience, not a chore. COMPASS provides a full range of resources to help make adhering to the recommended diet easier.

But it doesn’t stop there. Patients will receive a nutritional consultation to help them learn how to apply the diet to the way they eat currently. In fact, the COMPASS nutrition team also can work with nurses like you to help them better understand the diet, so that you can better help your patients understand how easy and tasty it can be.

Call COMPASS at 1-85-JUXTAPID (1-855-898-2743) to get your Juxtapid patient started.