Getting Started

Getting a patient started on Juxtapid therapy is straightforward. After you enroll in the JUXTAPID REMS Program, there are three important steps to take before you start treating a patient with Juxtapid:


1 Perform Liver Monitoring Tests

Juxtapid can cause elevations in transaminases. Before treatment, measure transaminases (ALT, AST), alkaline phosphatase, and total bilirubin. If baseline liver-related tests are abnormal, consider initiating Juxtapid after an appropriate work-up and baseline abnormalities are explained or resolved.

Remember - Liver monitoring tests should also be performed prior to each Juxtapid dose escalation, and periodically thereafter. For more on monitoring, click here.


2 Obtain a Negative Pregnancy Test

Obtain a negative pregnancy test in females of reproductive potential.
Remember - Effective contraception should be used during therapy with Juxtapid. Juxtapid is contraindicated in pregnancy.



3 Initiate a Low-Fat Diet

Patients should initiate a low-fat diet supplying <20% of energy from fat.
Remember - Diarrhea, nausea/vomiting, and stomach pain/discomfort are common with Juxtapid. Strictly following a low-fat diet may reduce the chance of having these symptoms.